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Understanding the Shopify-Brightspot synchronization

The following logic applies to the Shopify-Brightspot synchronization.

  • Within your Shopify account, every time you add, modify, or delete a product, Shopify sends a transaction message to Brightspot.
  • Every minute, Brightspot ingests the transactions sent from Shopify.
  • For each transaction, the ingestion job does the following:
    • If the transaction was a create, creates the product in Brightspot.
    • If the transaction was a delete, deletes the product from Brightspot.
    • If the transaction was a modify, modifies the product in Brightspot.
      • The modifications overwrite any changes you made to the product in Brightspot. For example, you imported a product from Shopify, and in Brightspot, you subsequently modified its title. If you later modify the product's title in Shopify, the updated title is ingested into Brightspot, overwriting the title you changed.
      • Archiving a product in Shopify is considered a modification, and the corresponding product in Brightspot is also archived.
  • Synchronization applies only to Shopify products, not to Shopify collections.
    • If you modify a collection's title in Shopify, the new title does not migrate to Brightspot.
    • If you add or remove a product from a Shopify collection, the corresponding collection in Brightspot does not change.
    • If you modify a product in Shopify that is part of a collection, the modification does not migrate to Brightspot.
  • The synchronization starts only after you enable it in Brightspot. If you imported 50 products into Shopify, and subsequently enable the synchronization, Brightspot does not check for updates or deletions on the existing 50 products.
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