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Configuring an Apple News stylesheet

You can configure Apple News stylesheets manually if needed. This must be done if you cannot import JSON files to generate a stylesheet automatically.

  1. Click menu > Admin > Apple News > Stylesheets.
  2. In the Create widget, click Create New Stylesheet. A content edit page appears.
  3. In the Internal Name field, enter a name for the stylesheet. This name is used in certain widgets and in internal search.
  4. In the Layout field, enter the following values, which Apple News applies to articles styled with this stylesheet:
    1. Columns—Number of columns.
    2. Width—Width of page.
    3. Gutter—Number of pixels making up the gutter.
    4. Margin—Number of pixels making up the margin on the page.
  5. In the Layout Ordering field, determine the order of the fields that will render on the Apple News front end. For more information, see Planning the Layout for your Article.
  6. In the Component Styles field, click add_circle_outline to add components that are governed by the styles configured in the stylesheet. For more information, see Configuring an Apple News stylesheet component style.

    Apple News configuring a stylesheet manually.png Apple News configuring a stylesheet manually.png

  7. Click Save.
You may optionally click the Advanced tab at the top of the content edit page to do the following:
  • Select a style for the description heading. This value defaults to H3.
  • Set a transparent toolbar hat that is overlaid the top of the Apple News article.

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