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Amazon Rekognition Image

You can automatically generate keywords for images by integrating Amazon Rekognition Image with Brightspot. Brightspot sends each image to Amazon Rekognition Image, and subsequently receives the suggested keywords. You can then accept or reject the suggestions, and add your own keywords as necessary.

Including AWS Rekognition Image in a Brightspot build

The following table lists the dependencies to include in your build configuration.

com.psddev:image-recognition-awsExposes AWS Rekognition as an image recognition provider.
com.psddev:suggestions-recognitionPopulates the Suggestions widget with keywords returned from Amazon Rekognition Image. For more information, see Applying suggested tags to images.

Runtime prerequisites

The following configurations are required to allow interoperation with AWS Rekognition Image during run time.

  • Developer configuration—The class representing the image you send to AWS Rekognition Image must implement the Describable interface.
  • Ops configuration—Configure a permission allowing Brightspot access to the AWS Rekognition Image service. For details, see Configuring a Rekognition Image policy and role in AWS.

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