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Extracting text from a PDF or image with Amazon Textract

You can use Amazon’s Textract service for extracting text from PDFs and images you upload to Brightspot. When editors search for words in the extracted text, Brightspot includes in the search results the file you uploaded.

To submit a PDF or image to Amazon Textract:

  1. From the Quick Start widget, select Document. A content edit page appears.
  2. From the File list, select New Upload.
  3. Click Choose, and navigate to a file you want to upload to Brightspot. The file must be a PDF, PNG, or JPG.
  4. Complete the content edit form as required.
  5. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the item.
  6. Expand Extracted Data, and review the extracted text and thumbnail.
Image submitted to Amazon Textract Image submitted to Amazon Textract
Image submitted to Amazon Textract
Results from Amazon Textract.png Results from Amazon Textract.png
Result from Amazon Textract

When editors search for keywords in the search panel, Brightspot includes the submitted PDF or image in the search results. Referring to the previous example, if an editor searches for gallon in the search panel, Brightspot includes the above image in the search results.

You can modify the thumbnail as necessary.

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