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Importing assets from a Word document on Microsoft Drives

You can import articles, blog posts, press releases, and documents into Brightspot from a Word document on Microsoft Drives.

In order to import Microsoft Drives documents into Brightspot, you must first have configured the integration. For details, see Configuring integrated searches with Microsoft Drives.

To import assets from a Microsoft Drives Word document:

  1. In the header, click the search field to open the search panel.
  2. Under Global Filters, in the Any Content Type filter, under External Types, select Microsoft Drives File.
    Any Content Type search filter.png Any Content Type search filter.png
  3. Click the title of the Word document you want to import as an asset into Brightspot.
  4. From the Converter list, select Microsoft Document.
  5. From the Convert To Type list, select one of the following:
    • Article—Imports the Word document as an article draft.
    • Blog Post—Imports the Word document as a blog post draft.
    • Press Release—Imports the Word document as a press release draft.
      Using this menu, you can also import the Microsoft Drives document as a general digital asset. For details, see Importing Microsoft Drives documents as DAM assets.
    Converting a Word document to an asset Converting a Word document to an asset
    Converting a Word document to an asset

  6. Click Import. Brightspot directs you to the content edit page of the asset draft you created from the import.
    Any changes you make to an imported Microsoft Drives file in Brightspot are not reflected in the source file.
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