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Creating a Sailthru newsletter campaign

Brightspot integrates with Sailthru to allow you to create campaigns to distribute your newsletters. Prior to creating a campaign, you must create your audience and segments in Sailthru.

Campaigns are created from the Sailthru widget that appears in the right rail of the newsletter content edit form after the newsletter is published. If you do not publish your newsletter, you will not have the Sailthru widget available.

To create a Sailthru campaign:

  1. After publishing your newsletter, click Create New Campaign in the Sailthru widget in the right rail.

    Creating a new Sailthru campaign Creating a new Sailthru campaign
    Creating a new Sailthru campaign

  2. Select the Audience List for this campaign.
  3. Select the Suppress List for this campaign.
    Remember, audience and suppress lists for campaigns are created within Sailthru, not Brightspot.
  4. Enter the Campaign Title for your new campaign.
  5. The Subject Line, From Name, From Email, and Reply To fields are auto-populated with the defaults set on the Sailthru integration page in Brightspot. These values can be overwritten if necessary.
  6. Click Create Campaign, then click Done. The Sailthru widget changes and displays the Options menu. This is where you can manage your campaign.
    Newsletters can only be assigned to one Sailthru campaign, but a single Sailthru campaign can have multiple newsletters assigned to it.

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