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Configuring the Tealium integration

This topic explains how to configure the Tealium integration in Brightspot.

The following table lists the dependencies required to include the Tealium integration in your build.

Dependency Group ID Artifact ID
Tealium com.psddev tealium

To configure the Tealium integration:

  1. Obtain the following settings from your Tealium console:
    • Account name
    • Profile from which you want to import audiences
    • Environment (usually Dev, QA, or Prod)
    • Webhook username
    • Webhook password
  2. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  3. In the Sites widget, select Global. The Edit Global widget appears.
  4. Under Front-End, do the following:
    1. Expand Tag Manager.
    2. From the Tag Manager list, select Tealium Tag Manager.
    3. In the AccountProfile, and Environment fields, paste the values from step 1.
    4. From the Default Event Supplier list, select an event supplier.
  5. Under Integrations, do the following:
    1. Expand Tealium.
    2. From the Webhook Settings list, select Set.
    3. In the Username and Password fields, paste the values from step 1.
    4. Expand Audience Size.
    5. In the Audience Size Grace Period field, enter the number of months during which Brightspot does the following:
      • Uses the estimated Tealium audience size configured in Brightspot. For information about setting the estimated audience size, see Creating audiences using Tealium targets.
      • Accumulates visitor counts to determine the actual audience size.

      After the grace period, Brightspot uses the actual audience size.

  6. Click Save.
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