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Applying suggested tags to images

Brightspot generates suggestions for tags based on what it recognizes in an image. There are two sources for the suggestions:

For example, you have an image of a satellite orbiting an asteroid.

Satellite orbiting asteroid Satellite orbiting asteroid
Satellite orbiting asteroid

Brightspot scans your existing tags, looking for the ones that most reflect the image's content. Because this image pertains to astronomy, Brightspot suggests applying the existing tag Astronomy to this image.

To apply suggested tags:

  1. Create a new image. For details, see Image.
  2. In the Suggestions widget, click refresh. Brightspot displays suggested tags based on your existing assets as well as analysis from AWS Rekognition.
    Refresh suggestions Refresh suggestions
    Refreshing tag suggestions
  3. To add an existing tag, under Add Tag, click one of the suggestions. For example, referring to the following illustration, clicking the existing tag Astronomy adds it to the image.

    Suggested existing tag Suggested existing tag
    Suggested existing tag

  4. To create and apply new tags based on results from AWS Rekognition, under Create New, do the following:
    Suggested new tags Suggested new tags
    Suggested new tags
    1. Click one of the suggestions. For example, referring to the previous illustration, click Tag: Outer Space to create a new tag. Brightspot opens a content edit page for creating the new tag.
      The confidence levels for identifying tags default to 0.5 for Amazon Comprehend. If Brightspot returns too many false suggestions, or not enough correct suggestions, consider changing the confidence levels. For details, see Configuring the Rekognition integration.
    2. In the content edit page, modify the tag or section as required, then click Publish. (The tags you publish are shared, so you can apply them to any other asset.)
    3. Click Back. You return to the initial content edit page for creating the image.
    4. In the image's Tags field, click add_circle_outline to add the new tag you just created to the image.
      Applied new tag Applied new tag
      Applied new tag
    5. Repeat steps a–d to create and apply additional tags from the list of suggestions.
  5. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.

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