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Editing and selecting thumbnails for videos

Depending on your Brightspot configuration, AWS Elemental provides thumbnails you can select as a promo for your video. If there are multiple thumbnails, Brightspot uses the first one for the promo.

Default Thumbnail For Video.png Default Thumbnail For Video.png
Thumbnails generated from a video

To edit or select a thumbnail:

  1. Create a new video as described in Submitting a video to AWS Elemental, or open an existing video provided by AWS Elemental.
  2. Toward the right of the widget, select more_horiz> Thumbnails. A list of available thumbnails appears.
  3. If you want to add alt text to a thumbnail, do the following:

    1. Select List View.
    2. In the Alt Text field, enter the alt text.
  4. If you want to manually add a thumbnail, do the following:

    1. Under Thumbnails, click add_circle_outline.
    2. To add a one-off thumbnail, select One-Off Image.
    3. To add a shared thumbnail, select Shared.
    4. Complete the form.
  5. If you want to delete a thumbnail, click remove.
  6. To change the thumbnail that Brightspot uses for the video, drag it to the first position in the list of thumbnails.
  7. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the video.

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