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Configuring notifications with Microsoft Teams

Brightspot can send notifications to both individual users and channels within a Microsoft Teams team. To enable this feature, the Brightspot Teams app must be installed in your organization's app store. For details, see the "Uploading Brightspot Teams app to an organization's app store" section in Configuring Microsoft Teams.

If, for development purposes, the app is uploaded to your personal app store, ensure that you install it manually for both a team and a user.

To configure system notifications:

  1. Click menu> Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global.
  2. From the CMS tab, expand the Notifications cluster.
  3. Under System Notifications, click add_circle_outline Add System Notification.
  4. Under Delivery Methods, select Microsoft Teams.
  5. Under Team and Channel, select the team and channel to which notifications should be sent.
  6. Click Save.

To configure individual notifications:

  1. In the header, click your username > Profile.
  2. Expand the Notifications cluster.
  3. Under Delivery Methods, click add_circle_outline Add, and select Microsoft Teams.
  4. Click Save.
A user will be offered to select an app only in a multi-tenant environment.

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