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Configuring video ingestion from Brightcove

There are two components of the ingestion between Brightspot and Brightcove: configuring the credentials, and configuring the import frequency. If you have multiple Brightcove accounts and Brightspot sites, you can restrict an individual Brightspot site’s ingestion to a specific Brightcove account.

After you complete the integration, Brightspot automatically ingests the following data for each Brightcove video:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Video file
  • Poster
  • Thumbnail

Configuring Brightcove credentials

Ingesting videos from Brightcove requires configuring API credentials.

To configure Brightcove credentials:

  1. For each Brightcove account you want to configure an ingestion, obtain the account’s ID, player ID, client ID, and client secret.
  2. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  3. In the Sites widget, click the site for which you are configuring the ingestion, or click Global to configure the ingestion for all sites.
  4. Click search, located to the left of more_horiz, and type Brightcove.
  5. Under Settings, click add_circle_outline and select Create New.
  6. In the Internal Name field, enter an internal name. Brightspot uses this name in selection fields.
  7. Expand Credentials, and enter the credentials from step 1.
  8. Expand Import, and make the following settings:
    • Task Host Name—The IP or domain name of the Brightspot host that imports videos from Brightcove.
    • Ingestion Run Record—Read-only field displaying the times when the importer last checked for new videos in Brightcove, and when the importer last ingested a video into Brightspot.
    • Import Enabled—If toggled on, Brightspot imports videos from your Brightcove account that were not previously imported from Brightcove. If importing Brightcove videos for the first time, toggle this field on.
    • Full Import Enabled—If toggled on, Brightspot imports all videos from your Brightcove account, including videos that were previously imported. This field is ignored if the Import Enabled field is toggled off.
    • Import User—If set, Brightspot records the selected user as the one who initiates the import from Brightcove.
  9. Under Miscellaneous, toggle on Debug Enabled if you want to log the full activity between Brightspot and Brightcove.
  10. Click Save, then click Back. You return to the Edit Global or Edit Site widget.
  11. From the Settings field, select the Brightcove settings you just configured.
  12. Click Save.

Configuring the Brightcove import frequency

You can control the frequency at which Brightspot imports videos from Brightcove. Frequent imports keep your Brightspot video inventory up to date, but they may also cause an increase in resource load. The default frequency is every minute.

To configure the Brightcove import frequency:

  1. Click menu> Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global.
  2. Click search, located to the left of more_horiz, and type Brightcove.
  3. In the Global Import Frequency field, enter the number of minutes after which Brightspot imports videos added to Brightcove.
  4. Click Save.
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