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Incorporating keywords into content

Incorporating high-volume keywords into your items improves the chances of those items appearing in search results.

To incorporate keywords into content:

  1. Create a new item in the content edit page. The item must be one of the content types you configured as described in Configuring SEMrush
  2. Apply a tag to the item.
  3. Click save to save a draft. The SEMrush Keywords widget appears in the right rail. The widget lists popular keywords associated with the tag.

    If you are not seeing the SEMrush widget in the right rail, make sure you have the SEMrush integration enabled and that you have a tag applied to your asset.

  4. Incorporate the keywords into the item.
  5. Complete your site's workflow and publish the item.

In the following example, the tag is headless. SEMrush retrieved several keywords associated with the term headless, and the editor incorporated those keywords into an article to improve the article's ranking on search results.

SEMrush keywords displayed.png
Incorporating keywords into your Brightspot content

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