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With the Social integration, Brightspot integrates easily with the popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. As you publish on Brightspot, you can easily share your content with those networks.

Brightspot supports many different sharing scenarios with popular social networks. In a simple scenario, you may be using Brightspot to manage your company's web page. In addition, your company has a page on Facebook. Whenever you publish an item through Brightspot, you can automatically share a link to that item on your company's Facebook page.

In a more complex sharing scenario, you use Brightspot to manage your company's web page, and you want to share that content on two Facebook accounts and two Twitter accounts. The following diagram illustrates this scenario.

Social Architecture.png
Sharing content to two social sites example

Another scenario occurs when you have a single social network account, and that account publishes links to other accounts. When you publish from Brightspot to the single account, that account shares links to the other accounts.

Social Architecture 2.png
Sharing content to additional social sites example

Brightspot's Social Publishing integration supports the following scenarios so your editors can easily share links to content across multiple platforms and target audiences.

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