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Using the Translations tab

The Translations tab displays information about assets that have been sent to be translated into additional languages. This tab is accessed by clicking the more_horiz on the content edit page for an asset and selecting Translations.

Open Translations view.png

After clicking Translations, the Translations tab opens which provides information about each translation.

Translations view.png

From the Translations tab you can filter and sort what you see:

  • Expand All Statuses to select the specific translation status for the assets you want to view.
  • Expand All Languages to only display translations in the language you select.
  • Expand Sort to sort the list by either Language or Translation Date.
  • The Actions menu displays various actions that can be performed based on the assets’ status.
  • If you have any pending translations, an additional menu is available that allows you to select the checkboxes next to the desired assets and perform bulk actions on those selected.
    Translation status.png
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