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Configuring a paywall for a content type

To enable paywalling, you need to modify an existing content type to include a paywall toggle.

The following procedure describes how to apply a paywall to one of Brightspot's standard content types. You can also apply a paywall to an editorial content type. For information about creating an editorial content type, see Editorial content types.

To add a paywall to a content type:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Content Types.
  2. Under Content Type Modifications, click New.
  3. From the Types list, select the content type to which you are adding a paywall.
  4. Under Additional Items, do the following:
    1. Click add_circle_outline and select Boolean Field.
    2. In the Name field, enter a field label, such as Paywalled.
      Paywall name
      Paywall name
    3. In the Developer > Annotations field, paste'brightspot.entitlements.zephr.ZephrContentApiCustomVariableObjectFieldModification')).setZephrCustomVariable(true).
      Paywall annotation
      Paywall annotation
  5. Click Save.

When creating new assets based on the content type (such as new articles), editors see a Paywalled toggle in the content edit form. Toggling on Paywalled applies a paywall to the asset.

Paywall toggle for article
Paywall toggle for article

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