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Connecting Brightspot to a Twitter app

This topic describes how to connect Brightspot to a Twitter app.

To connect Brightspot to a Twitter app:

  1. Select menu> Social > Services > New Twitter Service. The New Twitter Service widget appears.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the service.
  3. In the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret fields, paste the values from your Twitter console.
  4. Click Save. If the connection is successful, a Connected message appears at the top of the Edit Twitter Service widget.
  5. Select menu> Social > Accounts. The Connect Accounts widget appears with the new Twitter service listed.

    Connect accounts widget.png
    Connect accounts widget

  6. Under the required Twitter service, do the following:

    1. Click Connect Account. A request from Twitter appears asking for authentication.

      Twitter authorization message.png
      Twitter authorization message example

    2. Click Authorize App. You return to Brightspot with the Twitter account’s avatar displayed.

      Twitter authorization confirmation.png
      Twitter authorization confirmation example

Brightspot users can now publish links to Twitter; for details, see Sharing content on social networks.

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