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Creating or updating Apple News Channels

By accessing Apple News Channels, you can create a new Apple News Channel or edit an existing one. You can also filter on channels that have either a failed or successful distribution job status. This filter can also be used when searching Apple News Sections and Apple News Articles.

To create a new Apple News channel:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Apple News > Channels.
  2. Using the tables below, complete the fields as necessary.
After the channel is saved, the Apple News Channel Quota, Apple News Share URL, and Apple News Distributions appear. See more information below the tables.

Main Tab

Field Description
Channel Name The name of the Apple News Channel.
Channel ID The ID of the Apple News channel. An administrator can find this ID in the News Publisher Console in Apple iCloud.
Stylesheet The stylesheet you want to use for all Apple News Articles published in this Apple News Channel.
Advertisement Auto-Placement Defines the automatic placement of ads at the channel level.


Field Description
API Key The API key of the Apple News Channel. This can be obtained by generating CMS integration credentials in the Apple News Publisher console.
API Secret The API secret of the Apple News Channel. This can be obtained by generating CMS integration credentials in the Apple News Publisher console.

Refresh Tab

Field Description
Enabled Toggle on to periodically poll Apple News upstream to get new Apple News Channel information, or to refresh the Apple News Sections defined in Apple News. This allows refresh operations to run on the set cron schedule.
Cron Expression The cron-based schedule on which the task will run.
Task User The generic Brightspot user who will be associated with Apple News refresh task events. If a generic user does not already exist, it should be created and added to this task.
Run Immediately Toggle on to automatically run the task off schedule when the Apple News Channel is updated.

Additional widgets

Once the Apple News Channel is saved and the first refresh occurs, the following widgets appear:

  • Apple News Channel Quota—Displays details about your channel’s remaining quota for sending create and update requests, queue size, and wait time.

    Apple News Channel Quota widget.png

  • Apple News Share URL—After the Apple News Article is successfully sent, this widget provides easy access to the story on Apple News.

    Apple News Share URL widget.png

  • Apple News Distributions—Shows all distributions for all jobs sent to the channel.

    Apple News Distributions widget.png

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