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Creating an Apple News Section

Apple News Sections are pulled in via the refresh task. Each section contains a read-only view of the metadata that comes from Apple News, along with widgets for the Share URL, and distributions for content associated to the section.

To create an Apple News Section:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Apple News > Sections. A search panel appears.

    Apple News Sections.png

  2. In the Create menu, click New Apple News Section.
  3. Using the table below as a reference, complete the fields as necessary.
  4. Click Save.

Section Field Descriptions

Field Description
Channel The Apple News Channel to which this Apple News Section belongs.
Section Name The name of the Apple News Section.
Section ID The ID of the Apple News Section in Apple News.
Section URL The API URL for the Apple News Section.
Default Section Toggle on to make this Apple News Section the default section for the Apple News Channel.
Promoted Articles A list of Apple News Articles that are currently promoted in this Apple News Section.
Overrides Tab
Stylesheet Select a stylesheet to override the stylesheet being used for the Apple News Channel in which this Apple News Section appears.
Advertisement Auto-Placement Select an override from the list to override the automatic placement of ads for all Apple News Articles within this Apple News Section.
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