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One of the most powerful features in Brightspot is the ability to integrate with third-party applications. Brightspot currently has integrations that perform photo and video recognition, manage mailing lists, and perform site analytics—just to name a few. These integrations provide tools you can use to enhance your content or get insights on how your content is performing.

Integrations page.jpg
Integrations settings in Brightspot

As integrations are enabled, they will be available in various menus and fields within the user interface. If an integration is disabled, it will not be visible in Brightspot, other than in Sites & Settings (where you can enable it and other integrations). For example, the image below shows the external search filter with the Getty Images integrations enabled and disabled.

Integration enabled disabled.jpg
Getty Image integration enabled and disabled
If you have already enabled an integration, but decide to disable it at a later time, you must do so in Sites & Settings. While some integrations are only available at the Global level, others are available at the site level as well. Make sure to disable the integration at each level where it is enabled. Failing to do so can cause integrations enabled at the Global level to be inherited at the site level.

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