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JW Player

The JW Player addresses network latency by delivering different video formats depending on network conditions. If latency is low, JW Player delivers a high-definition version of your video; if latency is high, JW Player delivers a low-definition version. In either case, your visitors have a smooth playback experience.

To configure the JW Player integration:

  1. Click menu> Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global.
  2. Click search, and type JW Player.
  3. Under Settings, click add_circle_outline, then click search to search for an existing JWPlayer setting, or click Create New in the selection menu to create a new one. For details, see Creating a new JW Player setting.
  4. Under Global Import Frequency, enter a number determine how often, in minutes, to import videos from JW Player.

    JW player configuration.png

  5. Click Save.
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