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Testing a Mailchimp newsletter campaign

Once you have a newsletter campaign set up, you may find it useful to test it before sending it out to the actual audience. This allows you to make sure the newsletter is being delivered and displaying properly.

To test a Mailchimp newsletter campaign:

  1. Click Options in the Mailchimp widget to display the Options menu.
  2. Click Send Test Email to open the Send Test Emails pop-up window.
  3. Expand Emails and select Values or Comma Delimited.

    1. Select Values if you want to enter the email addresses to receive this test email individually. Click add to add additional email addresses.
    2. Select Comma Delimited if you want to enter the email addresses to receive this test email in a comma separated list.

      Send Test Emails pop up window.png
      Send Test Emails with a single email value listed

  4. Click Send. The test newsletter is delivered to those email addresses you added. If it is not delivered to your test recipients, you may want to visit Mailchimp and verify your settings.

    Test newsletter email.png
    Test newsletter email

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