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Reaching global audiences with the power of modular content and personalization

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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was looking to digitally transform through a solution that would support content personalization and localization for potential clients and partners in different regions and markets. Brightspot was the answer.

The Boston Consulting Group challenge

BCG is one of the three largest consulting firms in the world. A small team of publishers manages its global site and a complex network of localized sites that serve audiences in over 50 countries.

Given its global scope and client base, BCG was looking to digitally transform through a solution that would support content personalization and localization for potential clients and partners in different regions and markets.

However, the technical debt and limitations of its existing CMS platform was impeding BCG’s ability to transform.

On the publishing side, BCG publishers needed a way to share content across multiple sites without maintaining multiple copies and ensuring resources could be distributed efficiently and effectively to the widest audience possible.

With our older CMS, the team ended up with us having several pages to maintain, but with a modular approach, connecting it with tagging and other offerings by Brightspot, has allowed us to scale how many different experiences we can offer.
Torrey Card, Global Director of Digital Marketing Technologies at Boston Consulting Group

The Brightspot solution for Boston Consulting Group

BCG solved for its global content complexities by developing a centralized modular-content approach with Brightspot, which allows BCG teams to create content once and publish everywhere.

CMS settings enable the sharing of content across languages and regions via a hierarchy of sites and inheritance. And by leveraging Brightspot’s localization features, BCG can create local versions of any piece of content. Local pages and modules inherit updates from the source as needed, helping to drive both user engagement and publishing efficiency.

Along with powerful localization and translation tools, new custom workflows support BCG’s requirement for its network of 22,000+ worldwide consultants to review content and pages in a staging environment before pushing to production.

From a development and product perspective, the solution for BCG greatly enhanced the team’s ability to iterate on the platform and deploy new code releases. This includes an immersive preview environment, whereby content editors can instantly push to when changes are approved.

The outcome for Boston Consulting Group

  • Brightspot reduces repetitive editorial localization work. If a local version of the module exists for the site, it will automatically display with no additional configuration or page setup required.
  • BCG editors never need to deploy code or copy updates into the production infrastructure. Within a few seconds they can push content from staging to live. 
  • BCG created custom content modules using Brightspot’s flexible data modeling, which editors can use to create variations of content for different end users across the globe.

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