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Submitting a video to AWS Elemental

You can submit your videos to Amazon Elemental for editing and enhancements. Before you submit a video to AWS Elemental, plan which features you want to include with the published version, such as transcription, advertisements, and graphical overlays. You need to configure your submission to include the features you need.

AWS Elemental provides the features described in this section. If you do not have or do not want to use an AWS account, you can add these features using a video editor on your own laptop, and then publish the video. For details, see Video.

To submit a video to AWS Elemental:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. From the Create list, select Video. A content edit page appears.
  3. From Provider, select AWS Elemental (Upload). A form appears.

    AWS Elemental Upload form.png
    AWS Elemental upload form

  4. Under Files, click add_circle_outline. A form appears.
  5. From the File list, select New Upload, and browse to the video that you want to upload. A preview appears.
  6. Using the following table as a reference, configure the submission to include the required features.

    If you want to…
    See topic…
    Provide captions
    Adding captions to videos
    Adjust a video’s colors
    Adjusting a video’s colors
    Add image overlays
    Adding image overlays to a video
    Clip out segments from the video
    Clipping videos
    Provide video in multiple formats
    Providing videos in multiple formats
    Provide a transcription
    Submitting a file to Amazon Transcribe
    Automatically apply tags
    Submitting an image or video to Amazon Rekognition
    Provide thumbnails
    Editing and selecting thumbnails for videos
    Deliver ads during playback
    Configuring ads for delivery during video playback
  7. Click save. Brightspot submits the video to Amazon Elemental. Wait until the confirmation message appears that the job is complete.
  8. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the video.
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