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v4.2.1 release

Release date: August 1, 2019

Significant improvements

  • JW Player can now be configured to be the frontend video player, including as an option with Amazon Elemental. It can be configured with the JW Player API credentials or with the player ID from a JW Player account. Filed under: JW Player, Amazon Elemental
  • Find as well as find and replace have been added to the rich-text editor. You can find a word or phrase by matching either the case or whole word and replace either a single instance or all instances. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Preview support has been added to GraphQL. Filed under: GraphQL
  • Using Amazon Transcribe, transcription for a video can now include multiple speakers with or without labels for the speakers. Filed under: Amazon Transcribe
  • On a live blog, there is now an option to add a label to indicate that the blog is currently live. Filed under: live blog
  • A rich-text editor has now been added to the video content type. Filed under: video, rich-text editor
  • In the rich-text editor, while one user is editing a table, another user is not allowed to delete it. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • The views available in a gallery have been improved. The basic view was removed because the images were too large and difficult to edit in that view. The advanced view was renamed default and is now the default view. Filed under: gallery
  • Site administrators can choose a default preview type under Admin > Sites & Settings > Edit Site > Main > Preview. Filed under: preview

Breaking changes

  • The TranscribeLanguageCode field was moved from TranscribeGlobalSettings and the provider to the TranscribeSettings wrapper class.
  • A new TranscribeSettings record must be created in Sites & Settings, otherwise the Transcribe service will not run.
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