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v4.2.21 release

Release date: July 8, 2021

Version 4.2.21 had 46 bug fixes, five new features, and 10 improvements.

Significant improvements

  • Email to CMS—

    • Administrators can review logs of assets created by email ingestions, including errors that may have occurred.
    • Editors and developers can simulate email submissions, a feature that helps to detect errors early.
  • Administrators can now define site redirects at the global level; previously this was available only at the site level.
  • Styleguide—

    • UI updated to reflect Brightspot’s v4 UI.
    • Build process simplified.
  • GraphQL—

    • Versioning is now available to better manage the calls to APIs that change over time.
    • Developers can now resize GraphQL UI’s Explorer pane, similar to what was already available with the Query, Response, and Docs panes.
    • Non-scalar (Record) fields in the CMA are no longer required to be included as an entry type to be de-referenced.
    • To prevent out-of-sync CMA schemas (resulting from, for example, changes made to an editorially defined content type that subsequently changed its resulting object type), relevant CMA schemas on ContentTypeModification are now invalidated.

Significant defects addressed

  • Due to a regression error, attempting to display the Edit Global widget generated an UnsupportedOperationException error. This defect has been addressed.
  • In some scenarios, the content picker displayed unexpected behavior. For example, when creating an article, and then using the content picker to create an image inside the article, clicking Save returned the editor to the content picker instead of waiting until the editor clicked Back. This defect has been addressed.
  • Due to a regression error, typeahead in dropdown lists did not filter the list’s values to the match the editor’s current string. For example, if there are 100 available authors, typing Tols in the field did not limit the list of authors to those starting with Tols. This defect has been addressed.
  • Dari’s Substitution class generated an error in which an overridden method was called twice. This caused unexpected behavior within Brightspot, such as extraneous banners in the content edit form. This defect has been addressed.
  • In some scenarios, the Social Publishing widget did not appear in an asset’s content edit form. This defect has been addressed.
  • Rich text editor—

    • Prior to this release, when editing hyperlinks with track changes enabled, the link split into multiple anchors and the Edit Link widget did not reflect updated text. Starting with this release, hyperlinks behave as expected with track changes enabled.
    • In some scenarios, applying markup to formatted text removed the formatting. For example, the rich-text editor includes the string hello. Selecting the formatted word and applying italics removed the boldface, so the result was hello. This defect has been addressed.
    • In some scenarios, when working with tracked changes, the rich-text editor did not delete more than one character. This defect has been addressed.

Breaking changes

  • Rich text elements now process their bodies differently depending on the @RichTextElement.Tag(htmlBody) annotation property. Before the fix in this ticket, the body was always forcibly converted into plain text, including some parts that looked like HTML entities that shouldn’t have been converted. After the fix, the htmlBody annotation properly controls whether the body is treated as HTML or plain text. This change is unlikely to cause any backward compatibility issues on rich text elements with plain text bodies, but projects should verify any existing workarounds that set the body as HTML.
  • Styleguide was rewritten to drop the gulp.js dependency. For details, see "Breaking changes" under v4.2.22 release.
  • Previously, the resolveInvisible query modifier was applied to all CDA queries, and invisible objects were automatically surfaced. Since the CDA is more front-end focused, the query modifier has been removed, and invisible objects will no longer be resolved and displayed in the response.
  • Following a bug fix to DAM, deprecated methods in PaginatedResultsWriter have been removed, and new writer methods have been rewritten.
  • As part of the enhancement to better swap content between Brightspot and InDesign, implementations of InDesignTag will need to pass in the UUID for the content from their InDesignDocument implementations.
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