Brightspot Releases

v4.2.4 release

Release date: November 8, 2019

Significant improvements

  • To facilitate using web content in print publishing, Brightspot has enhanced the InDesign integration. Using Brightspot extension version 1.1.3 from the Adobe Exchange with the InDesign plugins in Brightspot, web editors and print designers can seamlessly collaborate on content between both InDesign and Brightspot. Filed under: Adobe InDesign
  • When you analyze video watch time or video average view duration, the display data is now in hours, minutes, then seconds in the format of 00:00:00. Filed under: video
  • When you impersonate another user, the actions that you take as that user are now attributed to you. For example, if Jane Doe updates an article while impersonating John Smith, the Revisions widget now displays “Updated – John Smith. Impersonated by Jane Doe.” Filed under: impersonate, revisions
  • New drag-and-drop functionality has been added to reorder items on pages, such as modules; to reorder images in galleries; and to reorder enhancements in the rich-text editor. A new icon indicates that you can move that item. Select the icon and drag and drop the item to its new location. You can select icons next to multiple items to move them all at one time. Filed under: drag-and-drop
  • The option to toggle to HTML code has been removed from the ProseMirror rich-text editor toolbar. Filed under: rich-text editor

Significant defects addressed

  • The title text for a breaking news banner was not displaying if a link was not included in the banner; the text now displays. Filed under: breaking news banner
  • When creating a new notification for a workflow that applied to all sites, the option to select a site was empty; the option now displays as expected. Filed under: workflow, notification

Breaking changes

  • The playlist field has been removed from VideoRichTextElement.
  • This release requires a new build of the InDesign Plugin, which was upload to Adobe Exchange.
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