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v4.7.4 release

Release date: January 31, 2023

v4.7.4 has four bug fixes, 11 improvements, and two new features.

Significant new features

  • A code change enables developers to extend the image editing menu with additional options.
  • The Recent Activity and search panel widgets now provide a quick view. Clicking info in those widgets displays a summary of the corresponding asset. Administrators and editors can configure the quick view's contents by content type.

Significant improvements

  • Standardized the settings for configuring the Brightspot UI theme. Previously these settings where accessed from the brush control; now they are accessed through an editor's profile, site settings, or global settings.
  • Improved the internal representation of tags' and sections' hierarchies.
  • The search panel retains its state based on three levels of stickiness:
    • Sticky—Search panel retains, for the global filter and content types, the following selections: content type-specific filters, view, sort, columns, zoom, and group by. For example an editor searches for articles written by Olivia, displaying the results in list view and sorted by update date. The editor closes the search panel. When the editor re-opens the search panel, the same settings are visible (as are other settings applied to other content types).
    • Slightly sticky—Search panel retains selections for the status and publish date filters.
    • Disabled—Search panel always opens with default settings.
  • Permissions on the Suggestions widget are now more granular such that editors can now see the suggestions, save a draft, and submit an asset into a workflow.
  • A dashboard's name is now different from the first tab in the dashboard. (Previously the dashboard's name was automatically assigned to be the label on its first tab.)
  • GraphQL:
    • Changed CDA schema for image filter metadata (sepia/invert/grayscale) to support a single filter value.
    • Browsers can now cache CORS preflight requests.
    • Schema loader can now read the @Javadoc annotation.
  • Enhanced the real-time messaging pertaining to character counts in text fields.
  • Brightspot issues a warning when an administrator modifies an editorial content type that has published assets. For example, an editor publishes assets using the editorial content type MyArticle. If an administrator modifies MyArticle, Brightspot displays a warning indicating that there are already assets published through that content type.

Significant defects addressed

  • Corrected an issue that prevented resetting metadata overrides after replacing one image with a new one.
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