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v4.7.1 beta release

Release date: October 3, 2022

v4.7.1 has three bug fixes, nine improvements and one new feature.

An issue was discovered affecting v.4.7.1 that prevents users from setting style presets from the rich-text editor, such as setting alignment on modules. A workaround is available by adding the following custom CSS.

.CIG-row.StyleguidePreset-row .CIG-small:has(select[data-selected-id=""]) + .CIG-large { 2 display: block !important; 3}

The custom CSS above is compatible with Apple Safari and Google Chrome. A setting must be updated in Mozilla Firefox for the custom CSS to be compatible. See Mozilla's browser compatibility section.

Significant new features

  • TypeScript is now available for back-end development.

Significant improvements

  • An Expand All control is available on all widgets for opening all clusters.
  • Themes can now be imported from a URL.
  • Admins can provide their own client API keys for Shutterstock, instead of using the generated key.
  • Brightspot provides a prompt to admins indicating the integration with Google Analytics is configured correctly.

Breaking changes

  • None.
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