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v4.5.2 release

Release date: February 25, 2022

Brightspot 4.5.2 has 25 bug fixes, 24 improvements, and 1 new feature.

Significant improvements

  • Brightspot now provides a data model and API for securely storing secrets and providing integrations with common secret managers.
  • Previews are now able to be requested using a preview ID. This ID is accessible via {rest-api-prefix}/preview/{preview-id} and returns in the same format as /contents API.
  • Editorial content types now support List <string> fields.
  • In content selectors, recently updated results now sort by update date.
  • Site categories now have subcategories, allowing for better categorization of sites.
  • The Quick Start widget will now display a message if no content types are available to display.
  • Editors may now define an expiration date on shared preview links.
  • Improvements to the GraphQL explorer.
  • Previous filter selections are now retained for users using The Shelf.
  • The Styleguide UI has been improved.
  • Added ability to disable CMS proxy servlet, allowing images to be served directly to a user's browser if desired.

Significant defects addressed

  • Corrected an issue related to Page load occasionally producing an error that blocked preview from loading.
  • Corrected an issue causing multiple Slack and email notifications for a single triggering event.

Breaking changes

  • There was a refactor of the singular Intranet User Modification into smaller, more specific modification classes. Because of this, the hidden/indexed employeeTypeType field has changed; therefore, the script (please reference the ticket named BSP-12381 when seeking guidance) will need to be run to loop over the User records into the production Brightspot Intranet site, and they will need to be re-saved.
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