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v4.2.10 release

Release date: July 7, 2020

Significant improvements

  • Integrated a new version of the GraphiQL explorer. Filed under: GraphQL
  • Updated Java and Node.js libraries to include latest security patches. Filed under: security
  • Inside the rich-text editor, editors can now press Shift+Enter inside a numbered or bulleted list to start a new paragraph without the number or bullet. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Administrators can reduce the number of search fields for various content types. Doing so may provide for a smoother editorial experience when searching in the search panel. Filed under: search
  • In the rich-text editor, editors now have expanded features for working with tables. (Some of these features were previously available in Brightspot version 3.x.) Filed under: rich-text editor

Significant defects addressed

  • A recent update to GraphQL functionality caused regression errors in some of the developer UI controls and displays. Those errors were addressed. Filed under: GraphQL
  • Bulleted lists in the rich-text editor that had some hyperlinked items did not retain markup after publishing the page. Hyperlinked items in bulleted lists now persist as expected. Filed under: rich-text ✍️
  • In some scenarios, customizing the rich-text editor’s toolbar prevented display of the submenu under the Track Changes button. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • In the Edit Site widget, the desktop was not available as one of the preview device types. Desktop is now available as one of the preview device types. Filed under: site setting
  • In the rich-text editor, an error occurred when closing a pop-up widget for examining one of the embedded enhancements. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • In the rich-text editor, adding an enhancement as an item in a bulleted list generated an error. Using enhancements in bulleted lists now works as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Some aspects of Instagram feeds were not displaying correctly on the front end or were not integrated correctly with Brightspot. The feeds now display correctly. Filed under: social
  • If you published a CustomContentDeliveryApiEndpoint in 4.2.9.x and are upgrading to 4.2.10.x+, your endpoints need to be republished in order for them to continue working. Filed under: GraphQL

Breaking changes

  • The following RTE actions were merged into the TABLE action:

  • Projects using those actions in the toolbar can safely remove them, because table actions are now accessible through the triple dot menu on the table enhancement.
  • Many filters are now hidden in the search panel, and editors can expose them by clicking on a control. Hiding filters is the default configuration. To restore the old view, disable this feature entirely in Admin > Settings > Global > Debug > Disable Configurable Search Filters.
  • Security upgrades mandated the following changes:

    • javax.mail::mail was renamed com.sun.mail:javax.mail
    • Various Google API signatures changed
    • Jsoup removed deprecated methods
    • Cron utils started using the official java.time over org.threeten.bp
    • onegraph project renamed to graphql-ui
  • In the CMA, StorageItems were using the scalar type Upload. They now use a GraphQL Input Type called StorageItem which contains two fields:

    • url whose type is the URL scalar which is expecting a String URL
    • file whose type is the previously used Upload scalar.
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