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v4.2.16 release

Release date: February 4, 2021

Significant improvements

  • A search widget is now available for the dashboard. Editors can create a custom query, and the results appear in the search widget every time the dashboard is loaded. Filed under: dashboard
  • The AMP validator plugin was upgraded to use the current version. Filed under: AMP
  • Entries in the Workflow widget are now sorted alphabetically. Filed under: workflow
  • Administrators can now lock Edit Site at the widget level or at the field level, thereby preventing two users from making conflicting or overwriting changes. Filed under: site setting
  • Items can now be assigned a published date even if they are not published. This feature is useful during ingestions of previously published content that may not necessarily be available on a live server. Filed under: publish, import
  • Copy site function:

    • Improved copying of rich text containing enhancements.
    • Inclusion of Record objects.
    • Choosing to copy original timestamps and editors or use the copy job’s timestamp and initiating user.
    • Copying referenced items. Filed under: site copy
  • Editorial markup, such as comments, are no longer submitted for translation. Filed under: translation
  • Brightspot now incorporates Lingotek’s In Context Preview/Translation feature. Filed under: translation
  • Editors can now apply attributes to tables, table rows, and table cells. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Comments in the Conversation widget are now numbered. Filed under: content form, collaboration
  • A message appears in the content edit page when an editor moves an item from one status in a workflow to another. The message informs other editors working on the same item about the transition. Filed under: content form, workflow

Significant defects addressed

  • Prior to this release, the URLs widget displayed an item’s published URL before the item was actually available on the production server; when editors clicked the link an error 404 appeared. Starting with this release, the URL does not appear until the published item is actually available on the server. Filed under: URL
  • The annotation @ToolUi.Main(false) now correctly lists the annotated content type under Misc Content Types. Filed under: search
  • When working with segmentation and multiple audiences, settings such as scheduled publication date or current workflow status propagated to all variations. For example, if an item created for Audience A was scheduled for publication five days in the future, the parallel item for Audience B was also scheduled for five days in the future. Item variations are now sufficiently isolated so that changes to one do not impact the others. Filed under: audience
  • Dropdown lists with many options flowed off the screen, making it difficult to easily scroll up/down or left/right to view and select options. Long dropdown lists now remain inside the Brightspot window. Filed under: content form, dashboard
  • In some scenarios, the annotations @CollectionItemWeight and @CollectionItemWeightMarker incorrectly returned infinite values, resulting in an error message on widgets such as one-off dashboards. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: content form, dashboard
  • In some scenarios, the space between text and an adjacent hyperlink was deleted in translated text. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: translation
  • An editor could change a publish date even though that field is read-only for the editor’s role. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: permissions
  • When overriding the default order of fields in the content edit form, fields taken from one tab did not honor the override. For example, the content edit form’s SEO tab has a Title field. If this field is moved to the Main tab and then configured to appear at the top, the field did not appear at the top. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: content form
  • When logged in to Brightspot and viewing a published page, the published page used the theme of the current site, not necessarily the published site. For example, Article A is published on Site 1. An editor logs in to Brightspot and is working on Site 2. The editor sees Article A rendered with the theme associated with Site 2. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: theme, site setting
  • When working with track changes, deleting a paragraph sometimes deleted the paragraph instead of marking the paragraph with a revision mark. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • The rich-text editor’s track changes toggle reset to off after saving an article. The toggle now retains its current state (on or off) after each save. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • An editor is working in bulk scheduling. The editor then creates and places an item in a workflow state. In this scenario, the item was no longer in the queue for scheduled publishing. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: schedule
  • In some scenarios, when working in the rich-text editor with track changes, new modules were not saved. For example, if an editor toggles on track changes and adds a list in the rich-text editor, saving the item did not save the new list. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text

Breaking changes

  • As a result of improving our AWS Translation integration, any In Progress AWS Translations should be either canceled or allowed to be completed before deploying this update, as the AWS Translation Job tracking mechanism was updated to prevent rate limiting. 
  • To fix situations in which APIs were reading files that potentially had user-specified input, {{JavaImageServlet}} and {{/_image}} endpoints may be disabled for some projects. To make them available, configure {{JavaImageEditor}} by setting {{dari/imageEditor/_java/class}} ({{_java}} key may be any other name) to {{com.psddev.dari.util.JavaImageEditor}}.
  • As a result of improving the Custom Search Widget, the following changes were made:

    • The SearchDashboardWidget implementation has been changed to display a search result view as described in ticket BSP-5201 (the previous behavior showed a global search view with the allowed types pre-selected).
    • The types field is being relocated to the query field in order provide a similar result set until the widget can be re-published in its new form.
    • In more technical terms, SearchDashboardWidget is no longer using JspUtils#include to pull in /WEB-INF/search.jsp. Instead it is now a AbstractPaginatedResultWidget with an editorially controlled Query.
  • The CMS is rendered in standard colors. As a result, accent colors have been removed.
  • The GraphQL CMA schema inheritance rules for unions and interfaces have been improved. Naming conventions have changed as a result for GraphQL representations of concrete Dari supertypes. Instead of a GraphQL object type with name <TypeName> and a GraphQL interface or union type with name <TypeName>_IU, the object type name is now <TypeName>_Type and the GraphQL interface name is now <TypeName>.
  • As a result of improving the persisted query tool in the GraphQL explorer, ApiEndpoint#getPaths is now a public method, rather than protected.
  • GraphQLPersistedQueryProtocol#setApi and GraphQLPersistedQueryProtocol#getApi were removed as they are no longer necessary. Downstream projects can remove these calls.
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