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v4.8.0-rc.2024.6.10 beta release

Release date: June 13, 2024

v4.8.0-rc.2024.6.10 beta release has seven bug fixes, 17 improvements, and 18 new features.

Significant new features

  • Introduced a new My Activity dashboard widget.
  • Artificial intelligence:
    • Introduced infrastructure for AI chat and Ask AI.
    • Introduced integration with Amazon's Bedrock Claude.
    • Introduced widgets for interacting with AI, such as text fields in the content edit form and searching for assets.
  • Calendar integration:
    • Deployed a top-level framework for integrating calendar services.
    • Deployed a sub-framework for integrating web-based calendar services, such as Google Calendar.
    • Introduced a Calendar dashboard widget.
    • Introduced permissions to the calendar feature at the site, role, and user levels.
    • Deployed Java classes for internal calendars that track scheduled events.
    • Deployed mapping infrastructure between internal and external calendars.
  • Google Calendar:
    • Added a cluster for configuring the Google Calendar integration in Global settings; deployed synchronization rules.
    • Added the package for deploying the Google Calendar integration.
    • Added widgets for editors to manage the integration with their Google Calendars.
    • Introduced transmission of new and updated scheduled events and assignments to Google Calendar.
    • Added class DraftGoogleCalendarAutomaticDistributor and interface AssignmentExternalCalendarAutomaticDistributor to manage the transmission of scheduled events and assignments to Google Calendar.
    • Refactored initial Google Calendar integration.
  • Added a side toolbar for Brightspot. This toolbar provides finer control for showing and hiding widgets on the content edit form.
  • Introduced localization to the list of roles in the Unpublished Drafts dashboard widget.

Significant improvements

  • The field Dropbox Application Key was removed from the core product. This field is now available only for those instances that explicitly activate the Dropbox feature.
  • Editors can create contextual edits on images in the rich-text editor. For example, Adam embedded a shared image inside the rich-text editor. Adam now has the ability to edit this image so it appears differently in the rich-text editor, but appears as the original image everywhere else it is used.
  • The Java Server Page file.jsp was migrated to the FormInput class.
  • The contextual image editor is no longer available for images of format .svg.
  • After deleting a workflow status, an asset's revision history displays the status's name (instead of its UUID), and assets in that deleted status are returned to draft.
  • Comparison between two revisions' rich text is now more granular.
    • When ordered or unordered lists are changed, comparing from one revision to another highlights only the changed text. (Previously, the entire list was highlighted as a change.)
    • When text within a table is changed, comparing from one revision to another highlights only the changed text. (Previously, the entire table was highlighted as a change.)
  • When viewing a comparison between two revisions, the styling and behavior of information icon info is now more intuitive.
  • AI permissions:
    • Admins can enable/disable AI chat functionality at the Global site level, and can override that setting at the individual site level.
    • For a site with AI chat functionality enabled, admins can further limit the site's associated roles that can access that functionality.
  • Embedded fields with no associated values now have appropriate placeholder text. For example, if there are no polling triggers for a Zapier endpoint, the field Polling Triggers shows None.
  • The HTML rendering of collapsible widgets inside the content edit form (such as URLs) is modified so that they behave consistently.
  • Further coded the rich-text toolbar for Brightspot so that it appropriately shows or hides icons depending on window size.
  • Removed BulkWorkflow.js as its features were implemented in TypeScript.
  • Enhanced the Alteration class to account for alteration of abstract classes.
  • Moved the cms-type dependency from graphql-api to graphql-cma-cda.
  • Generation of Javadocs now includes annotations.

Significant defects addressed

  • Corrected an issue preventing contextual image edits from carrying over when copying the containing asset to a new asset.
  • Corrected an issue preventing proper post-publish placement of an asset inside a parent asset's lists. For example, an editor created a homepage whose contents are a module. The editor then added a list List 1 to the module. The editor then copied List 1 to List 2. Next, the editor created an article, and in post-publish actions added the article to List 1. The article was also added to List 2.
  • Corrected an issue preventing selection of Any Content Type in the Recent Activity widget.
  • Corrected an issue preventing inclusion of response headers added with response.addHeader inside an overridden ViewModel#onCreate.
  • Corrected an issue preventing population of GCA schema WebParameter fields in view models when using the endpointViewType schema setting.
  • Corrected an issue preventing population of widgets inside the content edit form's right rail.
  • Corrected an issue preventing proper use of database schema for Solr 9.
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