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v4.2.28 release

Release date: February 24, 2022

v4.2.28 had 22 bug fixes and 2 new features.

Significant improvements

The Publish button can have different labels depending on an asset's state. For example, the label can be Publish for assets not yet published, and Update for assets already published.

The rich-text editor's toolbar menus, and selection field menus, were improved to open and close more intuitively.

Significant defects addressed

A new version of a library used by Brightspot prevented filtering references by a content type. The library was downgraded to a previous version, and filtering references works as expected.


  • Subscriptions that included filtering by content type and site did not always honor the filter. This defect has been addressed.
  • In some scenarios, creating a revision of an asset and moving that asset through a workflow did not trigger a notification for the transition to publication. This defect has been addressed.

In some scenarios, loading an asset in the content edit form prevented the associated preview from loading. This defect has been addressed.

When hovering over save , the tool tip was Start Revision for assets in a workflow. The tool tip now is Save Draft.

In some scenarios, screen shots were not displaying in Styleguide previews. This defect has been addressed.

In some scenarios, bulk edits in the search panel to update style fields did not persist. This defect has been addressed.

Prior to this release, setting a preview device for the global site did not flow to individual sites. Starting with this release, individual sites inherit the preview device from the global site.

In some scenarios, the widgets containing an image's hotspots did not render correctly in the content edit form. This defect has been addressed.

Prior to this release, deleting a content template assigned to a user prevented that user from logging in to Brightspot. This defect has been addressed.

Prior to this release, administrators could not include external types when configuring a role's permissions. Starting with this release, administrators can configure a role's content-type permissions that include external types.

Prior to this release, a post to a social network became associated with the global site instead of the site with with the corresponding asset is associated. Starting with this release, posts to social networks remain associated with the corresponding asset's site.

In some scenarios, a background process caused the Brightspot server to return a status code 500 (internal server error). This defect has been addressed.

Prior to this release, StorageItem objects did not encode spaces in file names, causing errors in downstream processing with DIMS. Starting with this release, file names in StorageItem objects are fully encoded.

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