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v4.2.14 release

Release date: November 4, 2020

Significant improvements

  • The email server Brightspot uses now includes a send timeout. If emails are not successfully sent within the configured timeout, an error is raised. Filed under: notification, subscription
  • In full-screen mode, the rich-text editor displays information about tracked changes and comments. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • When performing an action from the search panel, the listing in the search panel immediately reflects that action without repeating the search. For example, if you bulk archive items in the search panel, the listing immediately reflects the bulk archive. Filed under: CMS search
  • GraphQL:

    • Method- and class-level Javadocs now appear in the CDA schema.
    • Added CMA in-schema docs for modifications and indexed fields and methods.
    • Added ability to send a custom response header.
    • Improved message formatting in the case of errors.
    • Improved processing for blank parameters.
    • Improved Java APIs. Filed under: GraphQL
  • Canceling or deleting a job in Lingotek is now reflected in Brightspot. Before this improvement, editors needed to cancel the job in Brightspot (which then propagated the change to Lingotek) or cancel the job in Brightspot after canceling the job in Lingotek. Filed under: translation

Significant defects addressed

  • Tags created as hidden (hidden = true) when first published did not appear in a tag selection field even after changing to shown (hidden = false). This defect has been addressed. Filed under: content form
  • The Lingotek community is set to A, and an item is sent to Lingotek for translation. The Lingotek community is then set to B. Sending the same item for a subsequent translation failed. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: translation
  • The AMP plugin now validates items that include a form. Filed under: AMP
  • JSON+LD representations of objects were either incorrect or invalid for several content types. The representations now conform to prevailing standards. Filed under: API
  • When two editors are working on the same item, and one of them experiences a network disconnect and then reconnect, the content edit page did not correctly display the field locking messages during that time interval. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: locking
  • A regression bug prevented editors from adding live blog posts to live blogs that are in the draft state. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: live blog, live blog post
  • Field-level locking was not honored in some situations, resulting in one editor overwriting another editor’s changes. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: locking
  • Under certain conditions, the processes for generating a sitemap entered a deadlock condition. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: sitemap
  • Under certain conditions, sites that included a path in the URL (not just a domain name) did not properly display a published page. Pages now render correctly as expected. Filed under: site setting, URL
  • When searching for content and sorting the results by relevancy, fields with comma-separated result (such as tags) did not display correctly. Such fields now display correctly in the search panel. Filed under: CMS search
  • Under certain conditions, SQLExceptions were preventing publishing of content. Those exceptions have been resolved. Filed under: database
  • If an editor was working in a site’s default locale, the browser’s default dictionary was activated instead of any available custom dictionaries. Custom dictionaries now activate as expected. Filed under: localization
  • A few synchronization bugs were addressed with the InDesign plug-in. Filed under: InDesign
  • Under certain conditions, embedding an Instagram post generated an error message in the rich-text editor. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Under certain conditions, editing an image in the rich-text editor added an extraneous image. Editing images in the rich-text editor performs as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

Breaking changes

  • Type permission no longer supports content restriction using full text search.
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