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v4.2.12 release

Release date: September 8, 2020

Significant improvements

  • The content picker for modules now has an All category for viewing all available modules, as well as links in a left rail for filtering the modules by category. Filed under: content form
  • Certain tabs and widgets in the content edit form were restructured to simplify the editorial workflow. Filed under: content form
  • Sticky-search settings are now configurable at the site level. Filed under: search
  • GraphQL CMA was enhanced to asynchronously update different fields on the same record without conflict. Filed under: GraphQL
  • The Navigation content type was enhanced to allow for sub-navigation and groups of navigation links. Filed under: page
  • Administrators can set any default delivery option for automatic subscriptions. Prior to this release, the only available default delivery option was through the browser. Filed under: permissions
  • Editors can now associate a promo category and a promo category link on assets and promo modules. Filed under: promo

Significant defects addressed

  • The following defects in the rich-text editor were addressed (filed under: rich-text editor)

    • Dragging and dropping images into a gallery enhancement in the rich-text editor resulted in unexpected behavior.
    • Saving tables inside the rich-text editor added extraneous line breaks.
    • Pasting marked-up text with links into the rich-text editor resulted in those links not appearing, but they did render correctly in the browser.
    • Embedded raw HTML inside the rich-text editor occasionally prevented editors from saving or publishing the item.
    • In some cases, when adding an enhancement inside the rich text editor, clicking Save in the enhancement’s widget had no effect.
  • In some scenarios, the Recently Used section of a content picker did not display the most recently used entries. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: content form
  • In some scenarios, retrieving images from Getty resulted in incorrect pagination. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: Getty image
  • Naming a revision in a workflow state caused an error. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: revisions, workflow
  • If an item was in a workflow that implemented notifications, then editors received notifications as the item traversed each state in the workflow. Revisions of the same item did not trigger workflow notifications. Revisions now trigger workflow notifications. Filed under: revisions, workflow
  • Inside various widgets (such as a rich-text editor’s enhancement or a content picker), clicking inside the widget and releasing outside the widget resulted in incorrect behavior. Clicking inside a widget and releasing outside the widget now produces the same effect as releasing inside the widget. Filed under: content form
  • In some scenarios, Assignment Desk did not emit notifications when a pitch or assignment changed. Assignment Desk now emits notifications as expected. Filed under: Assignment Desk, workflow
  • In some scenarios, dragging and dropping modules in the content edit form moved other modules in the content edit form as well. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: content form
  • The Switch Site widget did not function correction after switching to the Global site. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: header

Breaking changes

  • The OpenAir and Google Calendar API content types no longer appear in the Quick Start widget by default. As a result, editors who have overridden their default Existing Content selections to include either of these two content types need to go into their Profile → Dashboard (Tab), and then remove those instances from the “Edit Existing Content” field.
  • The sticky search setting was moved from CmsTool to StickySearchFilterSiteSettings.
  • Updates to site permissions in the GraphQL CDA mandated the following changes:

    • The publish object used when using the save methods against a CMA endpoint no longer contains a site field. Instead, the site owner is determined by the site URL passed in the header or query string of a request.
    • Global content is no longer available to all clients. Only clients with global site access can retrieve this content, maintaining parity with CMS search behavior. More generally, if a client had site permissions that limited their CDA access, those permissions now apply to CMA requests as well. Therefore, if querying an object by ID, the site passed must have access to the content requested, otherwise an error will be returned.
    • In the case of save requests to update existing content specifically, the site passed must match that of the content’s current site owner.
  • The signature for EmbeddedContentCreator#writeHtml was updated.

    • Previous: void writeHtml(ToolPageContext page, ObjectField field);
    • Current: void writeHtml(ToolPageContext page, ObjectField field, String selectedTypeName);
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