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v4.5.4 release

Release date: May 2, 2022

Brightspot 4.5.4 has 13 bug fixes, 14 improvements, and 9 new features. 

Significant improvements

  • Modules can now be swapped between one-off and shared from within the content type where they are used. This saves editors time and mouse clicks since they no longer must navigate away from the content edit page.
  • Added Pre-publish actions functionality, which provide users with reminders, suggestions, and actions before content is published.
  • Added integration with Veeva Vault, allowing users to map Veeva’s Content Modules to Brightspot content.
  • Editors may now make editorial content types specific to a given site, making navigating through editorial content types easier.
  • Google Analytics now includes more metrics that are sortable and accessible in search-, site-, and asset-level reporting, like page views, unique page views, sessions, and bounce rate.
  • Brightspot’s Getty Images federated search integration will now display a number of additional filters, including age, number of people, hex value, and more.
  • Admins may now decide whether or not Production Guides are available on a site in the CMS. This setting respects hierarchy, and can be overridden at a lower level of the hierarchy if desired.
  • Filters and pagination have been added to the Sites and Content Type widgets to make it easier for users to locate the site or content type they need.
  • Assignment Desk's Board View now includes the ability to group data by workflow status and default status.
  • Administrators can now create site-specific roles for users. The Roles field in Users & Roles has been replaced with a Permissions dropdown field, where administrators can designate roles accordingly.
  • To improve CMS accessibility, icons now display tooltips upon hover, showing what action they perform.
  • The Share Image popup now includes a copy URL button.
  • A workflow permission can be configured to allow a role to only transition an asset to the Publish state.

Significant defects addressed

  • Corrected an issue caused by the Handlebars helper #or being inconsistent with the #if operator.

Breaking changes

  • menu > Admin > Content Types > CSS Class has been renamed to Row and now has added support in clusters and tabs. As a result, the class that was introduced in v.4.5.3 has been renamed to
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