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v4.7.2 release

Release date: November 1, 2022

v4.7.2 has four bug fixes and 13 improvements.

Significant improvements

  • Added the following commands to the TypeScript feature: config, login, logout, types download, and types upload.
  • Added validation to fields in classes that extend from ExternalItemConverter.
  • Improved generation of sitemap files to exclude redirects.
  • The method ObjectField#getUniqueName uses the @InternalName of the field's declaring class, if it exists, and falls back to the class's name. This improvement allows developers to change class names without a full data migration.
  • Added a cancel button to the pre-publish popup, enabling editors to avoid initiating any pre-publish actions.

Significant defects addressed

  • Fixed scrolling in the Add widget for adding a module.
  • Corrected a regression error that displayed empty production guides that cannot be closed.
  • Corrected a UI workflow that required refresh of the content edit form after authentication with an external service. For example, an editor wants to import an asset from Google Drive. The editor sees a link in the content edit form to authenticate with Google Drive. Brightspot displays an authentication form, the editor enters the credentials, and successfully creates a connection. Brightspot returns to the content edit form and displays the authentication link instead of the available assets in Google Drive. The editor needed to refresh the content edit form to see those assets.

Breaking changes

  • Referring to the update to the method ObjectField#getUniqueName described above, projects already using @InternalName on a class will experience disconnected Solr indexes. Such projects must re-index the SQL database and copy the results to Solr.
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