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v4.7.9 release

Release date: July 12, 2023

v4.7.9 has three bug fixes and 19 improvements.

Significant improvements

  • The workflow for content templates was removed from global site settings (and still remains in role/user settings). A site can be assigned to a content template, so the entire admin experience for content templates is similar to that for workflows and audiences.
  • Preview-to-edit of an asset now allows editing of embedded or shared children assets.
  • Improved the selection of visible and hidden items in content forms.
  • The Java Server Page password.jsp was migrated to the PasswordFormInput class.
  • The Java Server Page change-password.jsp was migrated to the ChangePasswordPage class.
  • The Java Server Page objectIdResult.jsp was migrated to the ObjectIdResultPage class.
  • The Java Server Page savedSearch.jsp was migrated to the SavedSearchPage class.
  • The Java Server Page objectId.jsp was migrated to the ObjectIdPage class.
  • The Java Server Page misc/search.jsp was migrated to the InitiateSearchPage class.
  • Usages of the Java Server Page objectMessage.jsp were replaced with the method FormRequest#writeObjectMessage.
  • Usages of the Java Server Page objectForm.jsp were replaced with the method ToolPageContext#writeSomeFormFields.
  • Usages of the Java Server Page errors.jsp were replaced with the method FormRequest#writeErrorMessages.
  • Usages of the Java Server Page footer.jsp were replaced with the method ToolPageContext#writeFooter.
  • Usages of the Java Server Page field.jsp were replaced with the methods FormRequest#updateFromInput or FormRequest#writeInput (see breaking changes, below).
  • All files in src/main/webapp/v4/dom/ were converted to TypeScript.
  • Preview-to-edit is now streamlined for many levels of nested assets. Fields in the preview pane have multiple distinctive borders corresponding to levels of nesting. Modifying nested assets involves fewer mouse clicks.
  • Quick View now includes fields that have empty or no value.
  • Quick View now displays fields in the same order as in the associated content edit form.
  • Brightspot now includes an indication that the integration with Google Analytics 4 is configured correctly.

Significant defects addressed

  • Corrected an issue that prevented the class LoginPage from resolving HEAD requests.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented display of the navigation menu after clicking menu.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Google Drive Content Edit widget to display an error instead of hiding.

Breaking changes

  • The new method FormRequest#writeObjectMessage requires the following parameters:
    • object—the object’s status/visibility determines what message is sent to the form (cannot be null).
    • body—the WebResponseBody containing the banner's text (cannot be null).
  • The new method FormRequest#writeSomeFormFields requires the following parameters:
    • object—source object for the form's contents (cannot be null).
    • includeGlobalsboolean indicating inclusion of global fields.
    • includeFields—collection of all fields that should be included (can be null).
    • excludeFields—collection of all fields that should be excluded (can be null).
  • Regarding the replacement of field.jsp with FormRequest#updateFromInput or FormRequest#writeInput:
    • In the original use case, if the isFormPost attribute is set to true, then use FormRequest#updateFromInput. This method updates the given object's field from HTML inputs.
    • In the original use case, if the isFormPost attribute is set to false, then use FormRequest#writeInput. This method writes HTML inputs for the given object's field to the given body.
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