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v4.7.6 beta release

Release date: March 30, 2023

v4.7.6 has six bug fixes and one new feature.

    Significant new feature

    • Editors can start numbered lists at an arbitrary number. This feature is useful if a numbered list is interrupted by an unindented rich-text enhancement, and the list needs to resume at the next sequential number.

    Significant improvements

    • The annotation @ToolUi.Cluster has a new element collapsible that determines if a cluster is collapsible. For example, @ToolUi.cluster(collapsible=false) indicates the annotated cluster is not collapsible. The default value for collapsible is true, allowing users to collapse clusters.
    • Assignment Desk—
      • Assignment Desk's search panel is now integrated with Brightspot's standard search panel. Editors can search for Assignment Desk assets by filtering on the Assignment and Pitch content types.
      • Assignment Desk's dashboard is now integrated with Brightspot's standard dashboard. (This is a code change only; the editor's experience remains the same.)
    • GraphQL—
      • The GraphQL Explorer now bypasses introspection query rules. (Before this change, an IntrospectionQueryRule contained logic to permit the GraphQL explorer to perform introspection queries.)
      • Added _label to GraphQL responses.
    • The Java Server Page location.jsp was migrated to the LocationFormInput class.
    • The Java Server Page repeatableObject.jsp was migrated to the RepeatableObjectPage class.
    • Initial loading of all global content edit forms is more performant.

    Significant defects addressed

    • Corrected an issue that threw an undefined/undefined zipped (currently on undefined) message during Styleguide builds.
    • Corrected an issue in which all Filter radio buttons in the image editor could be toggled off. Starting with this release, at least one of the Filter radio buttons must be toggled on (as is standard with radio button groups).
    • Corrected an issue causing injection of superfluous AWS Rekognition time frame metadata and Search Exclude metadata into State JSON data.
    • Corrected an issue in which, in some configurations (front-end/preview URL on a domain different from the CMS; preview-to-edit disabled at the global level, enabled at the site and profile levels), preview-to-edit did not function.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented correct display of the search panel's board view when the browser window has a width of about 778px.
    • Corrected an issue in which a saved sticky search did not return results after changing the view in the search panel. Starting with this release, saving a sticky search also saves the search panel's view.

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