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v4.2.13 release

Release date: October 6, 2020

Significant improvements

  • If an editor mentions another editor in a conversation, the second editor does not receive a notification (unless that editor is also a subscriber). Filed under: notification
  • GraphQL:

    • Updated the Java library to version 15.
    • Added ability to set permalinks.
    • CMA class now saves UUID.
    • Optimized CDA handling of themes. Filed under: GraphQL
  • Admins can now configure the AWS SQS configuration in context.xml. Filed under: notification
  • Content edit form’s Conversation widget:

    • Text now wraps in the comment field.
    • Editors can now apply rich-text features such as images, lists, and hyperlinks.
    • Editors can organize comments into threads. Filed under: conversation
  • The search panel’s left rail was re-organized so that uncategorized filters appear below the global and content-type filters. Filed under: search
  • Log messages from the AWS SQS queue now include the specific class and queue names. This improvement facilitates debugging. Filed under: debugging
  • The Taxonomy widget’s appearance was updated to match other Brightspot widgets.
  • The ValueGenerator class was upgraded to provide more consistent rendering in the content edit form. Filed under: content form

Significant defects addressed

  • After upgrading from version 3.x to 4.x, some roles changed to read-only. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: permissions
  • Synchronizing content between Brightspot and InDesign that included quotation marks introduced an error in the InDesign copy. Synchronization with quotation marks now works as expected. Filed under: InDesign
  • After creating a form for external submissions, the front end did not always export those submissions. Exporting submissions now works as expected. Filed under: form
  • Toolbar menu items for custom rich-text elements defined as a block were unresponsive to mouse clicks. These menu items now work as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Adding an author to a live blog post caused an error. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: live blog post
  • Opening an existing draft appends the draft’s historyId to the URL. Making a change to the item and saving it retained the previous draft’s history ID in the URL—even though in the database, the new draft has a new history ID. The correct history ID now appears when saving a new draft from an existing one. Filed under: draft
  • In some configurations for roles, an associated editor was not able to search for a team member to fulfill an assignment. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: Assignment Desk
  • Suppose a permission allows access to individual content types. Editors with that permission were not able to search for associated content. For example, if an editor has permission to access authors, that editor could not create an article and then search for authors to associate with the article. (This situation occurred when the content type, authors in this example, is not searchable.) Editors can now search for content associated with any content type to which they have access. Filed under: permissions
  • In some scenarios, a front-end template did not render an item’s preview correctly in the content edit page (but did render the item correctly on the production server). This defect has been addressed. Filed under: preview
  • When bulk uploading images to a gallery, if some of those images were invalid (such as a text file or an unsupported graphic format), the resulting content edit form and the published gallery did not render correctly. Brightspot now correctly accounts for invalid images contained in a bulk upload. Filed under: bulk upload, image, gallery
  • On some browsers, the list of modules available for a lead did not scroll correctly, preventing editors from selecting some of the entries. Editors can now select all available lead modules. Filed under: content form
  • Several items are in a workflow. An editor selects those items and transitions them using Bulk Workflow. If the editor selects the last transition (effectively publishing those items), those items could not be retrieved in the search panel. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: search, workflow
  • Editor 1 transitions an item to its next status in the workflow, applying a comment. Editor 2 transitions the same item to the following status, also applying a comment. In the Revisions widget, only Editor 2′s comment appears, because the previous comment was deleted. Starting with this release, all comments are retained during workflow transitions, and they all appear in the Revisions widget. Filed under: workflow
  • If a contact form includes a long text field, the form’s preview in the content edit page showed HTML comments. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: form, preview
  • If an item is published on more than one site, the sitemap included the links to all those sites. For example, if Item 1 is published on Site A and Site B, the sitemap job for Site A included the URLs for both Site A and Site B. Starting with this release, the sitemap job for Site A lists the URLs only for Site A, even if a particular item is also published on Site B. Filed under: sitemap
  • Editors could not drag and drop an image into the rich-text editor. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor, image
  • When starting a new item with the preview pane open, the preview pane displayed an error message. Starting with this release, starting a new item with the preview pane open does not display an error message. Filed under: preview
  • Saving large taxonomies caused out-of-memory errors on the Brightspot server. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: tag, server
  • Custom previews, such as those for InDesign, were not displaying correctly in the preview pane. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: preview
  • When an editor’s locale is French, the right rail and rich-text editor did not appear in the content edit page. The right rail and rich-text editor now appear as expected. Filed under: localization
  • When adding a sequence of enhancements in the rich-text editor, the text for a previous enhancement overwrote the text for the following one. For example, if an editor adds an image with a caption, then an HTML module with a caption, the image’s caption overwrote the module’s caption. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

Breaking changes

  • CDA theme functionality is no longer enabled by default. Classes extending ContentDeliveryApiEndpoint must implement ContentDeliveryApiThemeable in order to enable theme support.
  • The SiteMapItem and SiteMapType interface methods have been updated to take a com.psddev.cms.db.Site as a parameter. This change updates the following methods:

    • NewsSiteMapItem#getNewsSiteMapEntries
    • NewsSiteMapType#getEntries
    • SiteMapItem#getSiteMapEntries
    • SiteMapType#getEntries
    • StandardSiteMapType#getEntries
    • VideoSiteMapItem#getSiteMapEntries
    • VideoSiteMapType#getEntries
  • Due to updates in translation—

    • Projects will need to update any hard-coded references to /translation paths to use /cms/translation.
    • All Lingotek Callback servlet settings will need to be updated to use the new path under /cms/translation/lingotek/success.
  • The publish input type utilized for GraphQL CMA Save mutations no longer exists. Instead, the toolUser reference ID can be passed directly to the Save mutation.
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