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v4.2.7 release

Release date: April 6, 2020

Significant new features

  • Brightspot imports events from Google Calendar, displaying them in the intranet plugin. Filed under: Google calendar

Significant improvements

  • Assignment Desk’s search function now more closely resembles Brightspot’s general search function. For example, the New Pitch and New Assignment controls in Assignment Desk’s search panel are now available as selections in a Create widget. Filed under: Assignment Desk
  • Prior to this release, unscheduling an item required the permission to delete content. Starting with this release, editors assigned the new unschedule action can unschedule items. This action, as with all other actions, can be isolated to specific content types. Filed under: schedule, permissions
  • To better utilize screen space, the Actions widget has been eliminated from the search panel, and its various controls (such as Fullscreen) have been moved to other portions of that panel. Filed under: search
  • The Site Categories widget now lists site categories in alphabetical order. Filed under: site setting
  • Prior to this release, when switching sites in the header, editors needed to select a site category and then select the required site. Starting with this release, the Switch Site widget provides an All Sites option to list all available sites, so there is no need to remember with which category a site is associated. Filed under: sites
  • When providing access to content from other sites, editors can now allow access by site category, not just by individual sites. Filed under: permissions
  • Brightspot now implements the latest Instagram Graph API specification, and still maintains the previous Basic API. Filed under: Facebook
  • A workflow is now available for deploying a Brightspot development environment on Windows machines. Filed under: development environment
  • When editors add items to a gallery, the content edit form now scrolls down to display the most recently items added. Filed under: image, gallery

Significant defects addressed

  • On the mobile version of the content edit form, long strings extended past the visible portion of the screen instead of wrapping within the screen. Long strings now wrap within the visible portion, and there is no need to scroll horizontally. Filed under: mobile
  • When displaying content with the inline editor, some components of an item did not appear. All of an item’s components now appear in the inline editor as expected. Filed under: inline editor
  • The image editor did not always display images correctly due to missing but optional crop dimensions. The image editor now displays images correctly in the absence of crop dimensions. Filed under: image
  • A content search that provided no matching results perturbed the display in the search panel. The search panel now displays no-result searches correctly. Filed under: search
  • After replacing all text in the rich-text editor, Brightspot closed all open pop-up widgets even if they should have remained opened. Pop-up widgets now remain open after replace all as necessary. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • After retrieving items in the search panel, marking the select-all checkbox perturbed the display of the search panel. Marking the select-all checkbox now maintains the expected display and workflow. Filed under: search
  • When a new editor logs in through Google Tool Authenticator, that editor was assigned no role and hence received full admin permissions. New editors logging in through Google Tool Authenticator are now assigned the default role. Filed under: permissions

Breaking changes

  • Following an update to the Unschedule action, projects currently using the Only Type Permission and having roles with the delete permission will need to add unschedule to those roles.
  • Following integration with Google Calendar, the signature for AbstractGoogleAuthenticationProvider#authenticate takes a new GoogleAccountAccess parameter.
  • Following updates to the Instagram API:

    • Facebook and Instagram social services will need to be re-authenticated in the CMS.
    • Instagram accounts can now be a Basic or a Business/Creator account, which must be connected to a Facebook Page via the business conversion flow. See Pages for more information.
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