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v4.2.8 release

Release date: April 20, 2020

Significant new features

  • Editors can now enter notes for a field. For example, for a headline field, an editorial note may be “Keep headlines to less than seven words.” This feature is available throughout Brightspot, and can be limited to a particular role. Filed under: content form, site setting
  • Editors can now submit content to AWS Translate directly from Brightspot. Filed under: Amazon Translate
  • Brightspot can now deliver customized and localized error messages. Filed under: localization

Significant improvements

  • Prior to this release, the content edit form and Assignment Desk forms potentially included a lot of tabs that made for a cluttered display. Starting with this release, the tabs are available under a “more” more_horiz icon. Filed under: content form, Assignment Desk
  • Assignment Desk’s dashboard now includes a notification indicating that the assignments are out of date. Editors can refresh the dashboard to see updated assignments. Filed under: Assignment Desk
  • The rich-text editor has new and expanded keyboard shortcuts. Filed under: rich-text editor
  • Editors can now select the site from which they import content from Brightspot to InDesign. Filed under: Adobe InDesign
  • Prior to this release, workflow notifications were available only to editors subscribed to such notifications. Starting with this release, any editor can receive workflow notifications. Filed under: notification, workflow
  • Display names for image sizes can now include a hyphen or any other character in the Styleguide configuration file. Filed under: image

Significant defects addressed

  • When editing a gallery from search results in list view, the content edit form did not display correctly. The content edit form now displays correctly in this scenario. Filed under: content form
  • If a role has permissions to a content type, users in the role could not add one-off assets to items of the content type. The permissions logic has been fixed to allow this scenario. Filed under: content form
  • Duplicate translations caused an unnecessary duplicate primary key exception. Duplicate translations no longer throw this exception. Filed under: translation
  • When working in an InDesign item in Brightspot, opening and then closing the preview pane made the content edit form inoperable. The content edit form now operates as expected in this scenario. Filed under: Adobe InDesign, content form
  • A regression bug involving the @Where annotation prevented, among other things, the content edit form from properly populating selection fields. The annotation now works correctly. Filed under: Dari

Breaking changes

  • Refactors to Assignment Desk renames AssignmentContentTabWidget to AssignmentContentWidget, PitchAssignmentsTabWidget to PitchAssignmentsWidget, and PitchContentTabWidget to PitchContentWidget, with the properties files being renamed accordingly. This was done because those widgets are no longer Tab widgets.
  • New permissions have been added to tool roles to provide the ability to edit the editorial notes. Existing tool roles will need to be reviewed/updated for this new permission.
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