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v4.2.9 release

Release date: June 2, 2020

Significant improvements

  • Assignment Desk:

    • Editors can update due dates directly from Assignment Desk’s dashboard.
    • Editors can print the listing in Assignment Desk’s dashboard. Filed under: Assignment Desk
  • When filtering on audio files, the search panel defaults to a list view instead of a grid view (because there is no thumbnail available for audio files). Filed under: search
  • GraphQL was enhanced to include support for StorageItems, image sizes, additional form inputs, maps, and other features. Filed under: GraphQL
  • Administrators can now configure for which content types the Social Publish accordion appears in the content edit form. Filed under: content form
  • Brightspot received some new icons for common actions, such as file uploads. Filed under: content form
  • Front-end designers can now add hidden fields to forms. Filed under: Styleguide

Significant defects addressed

  • Prior to this release, the Revisions widget displayed only the first page of a site’s history. Starting with this release, the entire history is displayed. Filed under: site setting
  • In the preview pane, the content picker dropdown was not displaying any options if the media picker dropdown was empty or non-existent. The content picker dropdown now works as expected. Filed under: preview
  • Advanced queries were incorrectly including certain fields in the results. Advanced queries now work as expected. Filed under: search
  • A query using paginated results that returned an empty result set threw a divide-by-zero error. This condition is now tested and the error no longer appears. Filed under: Dari

Breaking changes

  • Renamed com_psddev_cms_view_ViewTemplate to _viewTemplate in the GraphQL CDA schema.
  • Due to the new @Indexed annotation on GuideFieldEditorialNotes#objectFieldUniqueName, projects need to re-index if there were any existing instances before this release.
  • GraphQL persisted query settings have been changed as follows:

    • Persisted Query Protocol: Static Query Mapping
    • Persisted Query Key Name: key
    • Persisted Query Mapping: Keep Existing
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