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v4.5.0 release

Release date: December 17, 2021

v4.5.0 had 28 bug fixes, 28 improvements, and 19 new features.

Significant improvements

  • Added a new integration with Microsoft Teams, helping to prevent context switching and facilitate efficiency when working in Brightspot.
  • Added a new integration with Google Vision to return metadata on images.
  • Added site- and page-level event metrics for Google Analytics.
  • Administrators now have a more straight-forward way to set the import settings of Google Analytics data ingestion. Administrators can now define the import frequency by hour and by day, and now have the ability to set a custom import frequency using Cron Expressions.
  • Search now has a Board View that allows editors to display results by additional field values. Additionally, the order of assets in Board View has been made more predictable: if the columns are powered by an enum, they will use that order; otherwise, they will be ordered alphabetically.
  • In an effort to make type selection easier, faster, and more intuitive, editors now have the ability to “favorite” the things they most often select from dropdown menus and filters. This feature exists on a per-user basis and will bubble up those types/selections to the top of their respective lists. As a result, the “Recently Used” function/section will no longer be used.
  • Editors may now also "favorite" content types in the Quick Start widget.
  • Editors can now access a “Shared Preview Links” list item in the Profile dropdown, which will show a list of all active preview links, which can then be removed as the sharer sees fit.
  • Editors are now able to set permalink rule overrides at the site level versus only at the global level. This is helpful if an edutor has, for example, a site that needs its images to have URLs for preview purposes, but also has another site that doesn’t need images to have URLs.
  • Editors now have the ability to print search results in CMS search.
  • Editors can now quickly search for sites via site categories after accessing Sites & Settings in the CMS, much like they are already able to do with the site switcher.
  • Addition of The Shelf, which allows users to drag and drop content directly from a centralized location onto a Page and to see, at a glance, what those draggable items are. The Shelf is available on all landing page content types (Article, Page, Homepage, Section, Tag, etc.) and the Entity Page content types (Corporate, Broadcast, Podcast). It also allows users to drag and drop content into articles to create enhancements.
  • Editors now have the ability to add and subsequently set a query field to editorial content types. This query field lives in the UI after accessing the editorial content type to which an editor wants to add it.
  • Addition of the Associated Content widget, which can be extended to create new replacements for three existing widgets: the Assignment Content widget, the Pitch Assignments widget, and the Pitch Content widget.
  • Editors now have the ability to drag and drop content between columns when using Assignment Desk’s board view. Dragging updates fields with new values when necessary, and changes are captured in revisions.
  • Developers may now make back-end customizations to editorial content types in Brightspot using JavaScript rather than only in Java.
  • Improved error messaging related to Notifications.
  • New content delivery API module with helpers for returning MarkedText from View Models.
  • Added rCDA type-specific sort options for inverse indexes.
  • Added a new schema version diff feature.
  • Added more distinct type names.
  • Added ability to sort interface implementations in the GraphiQL explorer.
  • Improved editorial content management API and content delivery API ObjectType selection.

Significant defects addressed

  • With sticky search enabled, each keystroke in the Advanced Search field closed and then re-opened the Edit Dynamic Query widget. This defect has been addressed.
  • When opening the Edit Query widget from an edit edit icon, criteria in the Advanced Query field did not affect search results. Significant improvements

Breaking changes

  • As a result of allowing permission system to be consulted from a background task, a number of items were changes and/or removed. Please refer to the ticket named BSP-12398 when seeking more information.
  • To allow users the ability to generate a password reset token and send a welcome email from the CMS, the AuthenticationEntityWidgetWriter interface signature has changed to add a new (non-default) method: update(ToolPageContextpage, Object content).
  • In abstracting image recognition capabilities in Brightspot, a number of changes were made. Please refer to the ticket named BSP-9242 when seeking more information.
  • In improving Google Analytics import settings, on GoogleAnalyticsTaskGlobalSettingsModification, the analyticsImportTaskSchedule field has been deprecated in favor of the new importSchedule field. The data in analyticsImportTaskSchedule is being @Relocate-ed to importSchedule, and any usages of #getAnalyticsImportTaskSchedule() will need to be updated to #getImportSchedule().
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