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v4.2.27 release

Release date: January 19, 2022

v4.2.27 had 12 bug fixes and two improvements.

Significant improvements

  • Front-end developers have the option of excluding the tracking script track.js. Doing so eliminates possible conflicts with the tracking script included with Frost.
  • Prior to this release, the lack of a limit on records in the data cache caused excessive memory allocations. Starting with this release, the data cache is limited to a default of 100 records, with an option to change this limit.

Significant defects addressed

  • In some scenarios, double-clicking an enhancement inside the rich-text editor duplicated the enhancement (along with opening the edit widget).
  • When managing logons in an SSO environment, updating a role in the identify provider did not correctly update the role within Brightspot. Starting with this release, the updated role a) is correctly ingested from the identity provider, and b) updates the corresponding existing Brightspot role.
  • In some scenarios, edits to an external hyperlink in the rich-text editor were not saved.
  • A regression error introduced the possibility of infinite loops when doing database retrievals.
  • A regression error disabled the activation of common times configured in the global site; selecting a common time in a scheduler did not update the time accordingly.
  • In some scenarios, URLs with spaces were not correctly encoded to %20.
  • Prior to this release, shared previews could be indexed by search engines. Starting with this release, Brightspot injects a header field into previews to prevent such indexing.
  • When a query in the search panel retrieved no matching items, the pagination label appeared as "1 to 0 of 0."

Breaking changes

  • An update to the Frost theme removed automatic Brightspot analytics script injection. Projects previously relying on Brightspot analytics script injection must now explicitly opt-in; set Sites & Settings > Global > CMS > Page View Supplier to Brightspot Analytics.
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