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Modifying a video imported from Brightcove

The content edit page for a Brightcove-imported video includes the content that originated in Brightcove, such as the read-only video ID. In addition, the page includes the Brightcove widget to perform sync operations with Brightcove.

You can change any imported content from Brightcove or add new content. The Brightcove widget provides the following operations:

  • Force Read From Brightcove—Imports metadata from Brightcove to this Brightspot video item. Any changes to video metadata in Brightcove after the video was initially imported to Brightspot are reflected in this video item.
  • Force Write to Brightcove—Exports any new or modified content in the Brightspot video item to the corresponding Brightcove video. This operation is only available if the Export Allowed option is turned on.
  • Force Read Images From Brightcove—Imports the video source file from Brightcove to this Brightspot video item. If the source video file in Brightcove was replaced with a new one, the new source video file is reflected in this video item.
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