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Brightspot Integrations Guide
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Integrating Lingotek with Brightspot

In this procedure, you register your Lingotek account with Brightspot, and Brightspot retrieves your Lingotek configuration (such as projects, workflows, and vaults).

To integrate Lingotek with Brightspot:

  1. In Lingotek, create projects and other items which you will use when translating from Brightspot.
  2. Obtain your Lingotek community ID.
  3. In Brightspot, do the following:

    1. Click menu> Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global.
    2. Click search, located to the left of more_horiz, and type Lingotek.
    3. In the Client ID field, enter 3d601bf7-5d84-42ea-b1a2-998c17cbe7c3. (Some versions of Brightspot already have this field populated.)
    4. In the Community ID field, enter the community ID from step 2.
    5. Click Save. Brightspot prompts you to add a callback URL to the Lingotek projects to which you will submit translations (such as
    6. Returning to the Client ID field, click Click here to authenticate with Lingotek.
    7. Click Save. You are prompted to log in to Lingotek if you are not already logged in.
    8. Refresh the Edit Global widget. Brightspot does the following:

      • Saves the Lingotek credentials.
      • Imports your Lingotek projects, workflows, vaults, and filters.
  4. In Lingotek, add the callback URL from step 3.e to the projects.

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