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Brightspot Integrations Guide
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Connecting Brightspot to a Facebook app

To post to your Facebook account from Brightspot, you need to connect Brightspot to an existing Facebook app.

The following table lists the dependencies required to include the Facebook integration in your build.

Dependency Group ID Artifact ID
Facebook: Core com.psddev facebook
Facebook: Publish com.psddev facebook-publish

Perform the steps in this section from a Brightspot instance running over HTTPS. Facebook does not allow connections from sites running over HTTP.

To connect Brightspot to a Facebook app:

  1. In Brightspot, switch to the site from which you will be connecting to Facebook. For details, see Switching sites.
  2. Click menu > Social > Services.
  3. In the Services widget, click New Facebook Service. The New Facebook Service widget appears.

    New Facebook service widget.png New Facebook service widget.png
    New Facebook service widget

  4. In the New Facebook Service widget, do the following:

    1. In the Name field, type a name for the service.
    2. In the App ID and App Secret fields, paste the values from your Facebook console.
    3. Click Save. Your Brightspot instance is now connected to a Facebook app, and a URL with two query parameters appears in your browser's address bar.
    4. In your browser's URL, copy into a text editor the value for the query parameter id. This is your Facebook's service ID within Brightspot, and you'll need this value when establishing redirect URIs in your Facebook app's settings.

      Service ID.png Service ID.png
      Service ID example

    5. Proceed to the next step, Adding callback URIs to a Facebook app.
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