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The Community integrations allow visitors to apply affinities and comments to published items. The Community integrations are dependent on the Users Integration, which provides support for user accounts and profile pages.

The Community integration provide the following affinities:

  • Bookmarks to save an item’s URL as a bookmark in a visitor’s profile.
  • Favorites to indicate support (“likes”) for specified pages. Favorites can be made visible in a visitor’s profile. Favorites can also be made visible to other visitors on a site, often with a count, such as “This content has 4,567 favorites.”
  • Follows to track updates to topics of interest. For example, a visitor can follow a page to receive notifications when that page is updated.

Bookmarks, Favorites, and Follows are configured in the action bar. You can configure these affinities to appear on pages for all content types or on pages of type-specific content. For example, you may want the Follows affinity available on all pages, the Bookmarks affinity available only for articles and galleries, and the Favorites affinity available only for videos. In addition, you can exclude affinities at the item level.

By default, Brightspot publishes comments immediately after visitors submit them. To enable moderators to review comments before publication, create a workflow for the comment type.

In This Guide