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Dashboard Basics

The dashboard is your starting point for creating and managing content in Brightspot. It has widgets for performing common activities, such as creating a new article or video, reviewing recent activity and scheduled events, or uploading images and other file types.

The dashboard is organized into tabs, columns, and widgets.

Dashboard Components.png
Dashboard components

In the illustration above –

  • The dashboard has three tabs and the Editing tab is currently active.
  • The Editing tab has been configured with two columns containing the Quick Start widget, Scheduled Events widget, and Recent Activity widget.
The Quick Start widget will always appear at the top of the dashboard and spans the full width of the tab.

Brightspot comes with a standard dashboard and provides several widgets you can use to customize your dashboards. Custom dashboard widgets can be created to fit your organization’s practices or your own workflow.

See Standard dashboards and widgets for more information on dashboards.

See Dashboards for more in-depth information on customizing your dashboard.

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